Searchable Directory of Restaurants that ban misbehaved children

This is the official page of the popular KickStarter Project you might have seen in the news.

We have all seen it, you go on a date or a business meeting right next to you is a screaming toddler, an infant that is crying full force or even that elementary school kid that is blasting at full volume a video game from his iPhone. Disrupting everything and everyone within 100 feet of the child.

The parents pretend nothing is going on, and their misbehaved child is acting normal. While everyone that is paying for a quiet meal is now complaining and voicing their opinion of the entire establishment as well as focusing on the poor parenting skills of the misbehaved children’s parents.

As a parent of 3, this comes from no hate of children. They are literally our pride and joy. This is more about the parents. The fact that a directory is being built at great cost to highlight and practically advertise “child free zones” is due to the failure of parents to keep their children well behaved.

We’re not the only ones that feel this way: